Kawasaki Ninja 300 / Ninja 300 KRT Edition 2016


Launched in 2012 for the 2013 model, the Ninja 300, displacing the old Ninja 250 with a few more cubes. Thissport-bike looking ride offers the market a lightweight, easy to handle option with a 296 cc engine, a six-speed transmission and just enough alphabet-soup techacronyms to be modern without whacking the price.

As far as being a starter bike, yeah, you can call it that. It’s also for folks that want a sport-bike look in acommuter bike or just to have a bike with a smaller engine size so it doesn’t smack your wallet on insurance premiums. It’s smooth, it’s flickable and I might even call it a sport-bike trainer. As a starter or a trainer, you’ll outgrow it; but for a lightweight, fun bike, this could be your huckleberry.

MSRP: $4999

Price in Phnom Penh Market: 5500$


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